Gopal plays at Faz (cancelled by Contra Costa County)
Sep 26, 6:00 PM
Faz Restaurants & Catering - Danville




Gopal Slavonic trained at the prestigious 'Fundacion de Arte Flamenco Cristina Heeren' in Sevilla, Spain where he studied intensively with leading flamenco guitarists.

In his 27 years of dedication to flamenco guitar, Gopal Slavonic has returned to Spain to further his studies several times, most frequently to Jerez de la Frontera. 

        In 2008, Gopal Slavonic released his CD 'Dos Orillas'. Gopal has learned dozens of songs, arrangements, and choreographies from simple to complex at length per client and production request working with some of the best international talent.


    Gopal is effective at facilitating working relationships with a variety of types people. He has been a resident performer at Copper Spoon in Oakland, Thirsty Bear Brewing Company in San Francisco, Peña Pachamama in San Francisco, Sausalito Seahorse in Sausalito for last 10 years.


Gopal currently lives in Oakland, California regularly performing as an accompanist to song and dance, soloist, and teaching flamenco guitar.



Gopal performing a Solea in Thirsty Bear May 2018




I came to Gopal as a total beginner, having only taken a flamenco guitar lesson here or there from other teachers. Flamenco is a daunting world, but Gopal does a wonderful job of breaking a new student into it smoothly so as not to overwhelm, with simple but engaging lessons. Having invested time studying Flamenco in Spain, he has a deep knowledge of traditional material, and also the practices and culture behind it, so you get to learn the fascinating context of the music you are playing. If you are interested in modern flamenco, he is also versed in that. 

I have seen Gopal perform, within the context of other guitarists at a high-end Flamenco festival, and he is outstanding solo and as accompaniment for singer and dancer. He really knows how the relationship between singer, dancer, and guitarist should work, which for me is one of the most difficult but alluring parts of flamenco. Though I am a beginner, I am confident Gopal would be a brilliant teacher for someone who is already at an advanced level.

Tucker W

"I highly recommend Gopal as a flamenco guitar teacher. He is a rare find: he is not only a great flamenco guitarist, but also great at teaching. Usually great guitarists can't teach very well, but Gopal intuitively understands what makes flamenco learning so difficult. He has guided me through the very difficult palos of flamenco guitar, and whatever work he assigns for the week is usually difficult enough that it keeps me busy and not bored, but not so difficult that I neglect practicing altogether. 

Gopal is also very open about scheduling and about conflicts. I highly recommend him!”.

Sergio VeLarde

“Gopal has all the attributes is a great teacher i have been taking lessons with him for the past 6 weeks and im learning so much! he knows how to deliver his knowledge because he was a student before ,he is always on time very professional and polite ,he knows his stuff he learned from the best in Spain where he lived ,he is worth every dollar highly recommended !”

Roberto Reis



Are you looking for a professional Guitarist for your event, recording session, or ensemble? Gopal Slavonic Flamenco has got what it takes to deliver the right kind of tunes everyone will love listening to. Get in touch to learn more about his musical styles, repertoire, rates and available dates.




Oakland, CA

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